Flex Poli-Tape®

The Poli-Tape® Flex is available in four categories : POLI-FLEX® Premium, POLI-FLEX® Stretch, POLI-FLEX® Blockout and POLI-FLEX® Sport


The POLI-FLEX® PREMIUM is an ecological polyurethane matte film. It is suitable to transfer onto cotton, poly-cotton and polyester/acrylic textiles.

It is really thin, elastic and smooth. Its strongly adhesive backing allows to cut thin designs without struggling to weed it.


The POLI-FLEX® BLOCKOUT provides an intermediate layer blocking the migration of pigments to the flex on sensitive textiles like polyester or softshell.


The POLI-FLEX® NYLON with a special heat sealing adhesive adapted to nylon and hydrophobic textiles.


The POLI-FLEX® SPORT is a matte PU/PVC Flex with a pleasant touch and is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Produktclass 1.

It is the cheaper POLI-FLEX®. It is a bit thicker than the other POLI-FLEX® and can be transfered at a lower temperature. Its simple and fast weeding makes it the A-choice for big numbers or names on sports and leisure wear.


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