Heat-seal patches

If you wish to wear your favorite embroidered badges, there is a simple solution with a perfect result: the the heat-seal patch. The heat seal patch is an embroidered patch which can be fixed with a heat press. This badge is suitable for every kind of fabric. The patch is available in 1 to 7 different thread colors. There are also different borders: laser cut or embroidered border for simple and regular shaped edges.

The heat-seal badge is pressed at a temperature of 180 ° C for 18 seconds with a pressure between 2 and 4 bar.

Embroidered patches can be fixed on light or dark fabrics, on materials such as cotton or polyester. The heat seal patch is ideal to replace direct embroidery.

The production time for heat-seal patches is about 2/3 weeks. To create your heat-seal patch, you can easily send an high quality jpg file.


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