Our stock colors

White (± WHITE)

Black (± BLACK)

Warm Grey 2C (± Warm Grey 2C)

Light grey 429C (± 429C)

Grey 430C (± 430C)

Dark Grey 425C (± 425C)

Grey 431C (± 431C)

Grey 432C (± 432C)

Sand 468C (± 468C)

Offwhite 155C (± 155C)

Yellow 109C (± 109C)

Yellow 116C (± 116C)

Gold yellow 123C (± 123C)

Light Orange 151C (± 151C)

Orange 021C (± 021C)

Orange 1665C (± 1665C)

Warm Red C (± Warm Red C)

Red 1795C (± 1795C)

Red 186C (± 186C)

Red 032C (± 032C)

Red 485C (± 485C)

Baby Pink 189C (± 189C)

Magenta 213C (± 213C)

Rhodamine Red C (± Rhodamine Red C)

Rubine Red C (± Rubine Red C)

Burgundy 194C (± 194C)

Burgundy 195C (± 195C)

Light brown 4705C (± 4705C)

Brown 469C (± 469C)

Chocolate 476C (± 476C)

Sky blue 291C (± 291C)

Cyan 299C (± 299C)

Process Blue C (± Process Blue C)

Blue 300C (± 300C)

Royal blue 293C (± 293C)

Reflex Blue C (± REFLEX BLUE C)

Blue 286C (± 286C)

Light Navy 280C (± 280C)

Navy blue 281C (± 281C)

Blue 7470C (± 7470C)

Purple 265C (± 265C)

Purple 259C (± 259C)

Purple 268C (± 268C)

Purple 7672C (± 7672C)

Green 367C (± 367C)

Light green 375C (± 375C)

Green 382C (± 382C)

Green 376C (± 376C)

Green 368C (± 368C)

Green 361C (± 361C)

Kelly green 355C (± 355C)

Bottle green 349C (± 349C)

Turquoise 322C (± 322C)

Green 553C (± 553C)

Green 5743C (± 5743C)

Gold (metal) (± DORE)

Silver (metal) (± LIQUID SILVER)

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