HP-44 HP-441130 €excl. VAT

Conventional flatbed heat-press; simple structure, massive design

  • Automatic PID (proportional-integral-derivative) temperature controller
  • Automatic digital timer
  • Heated plate covered with teflon
  • Pressure can be set
  • The distance between the worktop and heated plate can be set
  • The sound can be switched off
  • Professional deisgn
  • Life-span guarantee for the heated plate
  • Also available with heated workplates
  • Available with heated plate at the bottom and workplate at the top.
  • Size of heated plate 40 x 40 cm
  • Material thickness Max. 1,5 cm
  • Power 230 V 2000 W
  • Time 0-99 sec
  • Temperature 0-230 ºC
  • Size 42x65x40 cm
  • Weight 45 kg
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