Screen-printing transfer SILICONE

Cold Peel

The screen-printing transfer SILICONE is the best way to customize your softshells and all your sports items.

The SILICONE transfer is not sensitive to color migration on polyester and can be used on all polyester materials. With its high elasticity, this transfer is perfect for sport shirts, leggings, cycling pants, … The result is amazing. In just 10 seconds, we ensure a sustainable and high-quality screen-printing.

This screen-printing transfer is suitable for all textiles whether light or dark, and for all fabrics. That is the right solution for the customization of softshells and sport items with stretch material. During the order process, please don't forget to specify the kind of fabric you wish to customize.

The transfer is available in 16 colors to choose from our silicone color palette.

The screen-printing transfer "Silicone" has a production time of 5 business days. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any specific request. A file in Illustrator format with vectorized font will be requested for your order.


You can choose the size between a standard sheet size A3+ with a usable surface of 45cm x 30cm or a customized size of your logo cut by us.

Sheet size A3+

Customized size


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