Direct-To-Film transfer

Lukewarm Peel

DTF printing for borderless CMYK

DTF transfer printing allows you to print (very) small quantities of borderless designs in CMYK. Color and touch rendering approaches the result of a screen-printed transfer while obtaining a CMYK impression and gradients similar to COLOR transfer. In addition, DTF printing offers the possibility to print individually.

The DTF transfer thus combines very interesting advantages for colorful prints on small amounts of textiles.

What is a DTF transfer ?

DTF printing is completely different from DTG printing. The DTF is indeed a transfer to press on the textile and not a direct printing on textile.

The Direct-To-Film transfer consists of a CMYK printing on a plastic film, as its name suggests. A white underlay and powdered glue are then applied over the printed ink. In this way, the DTF transfer can be pressed and integrated into the textile and its opacity is guaranteed.

The printing of any CMYK image is thus possible on all cotton textiles and most polyester textiles, whatever their color.

How to press the DTF transfer ?

>For a perfect impression with our DTF transfers, apply the following 3 steps :

  1. Press DTF transfer to 150°C for 15 seconds
  2. Peel to lukewarm (allow to cool down slightly)
  3. Press again during 5 seconds at 150°C

A second press run of 5 seconds is not mandatory but we recommend it to perfectly fix the ink in the textile fibers and obtain a better printing quality for your DTF.


We provide you with your DTF transfers printed as A3+ amalgam with a usable surface of 42cm x 28cm.

Sheet Size A3+


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