FAQ : Your frequently asked questions

1. How will be your transfers delivered?

We deliver our orders by international carriers like UPS and DPD. Your transfers are packed in plastic films to protect them from moisture. These packages are themselves in a cardboard box that protects them from shocks during shipping. Note that our boxes are stackable and can be used for storage of your transfers.

2. What is the price and the delivery time?

The price depends on the country and urgency. The production time for classic or premium transfers is 5 working days. For the offset transfers it varies between 5 and 7 working days.

3. How to choose the right transfer according to my needs?

If you do not know which transfer and how to use it,iinstalled, do not hesitate to ask us via the contact form, we'll show you how to use transfers.

4. Which press shall I use for my transfers?

Our transfer can be used with all pneumatic or manual presses . We are also distributor of the brand DRUCKTECH presses. We can assist you with your purchase.

5. Which is the minimum and maximum transfer size?

All transfers are sold either as amalgam with a surface of 30x45 cm or as ready-to-use logo in your required size.

6. How many logos can I print on a A3 paper size?

Of course. You can print your transfer as you wish, with one or more logos in repetition or not

7. How to calculate the price?

To calculate a price, you just need to have an account on the site. You can make simulations of price 7 days/ 7 24 h/24

8. What kind of file do I need for my order?

Ideally a file with vectorized fonts. If you have an image file (bitmap), make sure it is of good quality (300dpi). If your image has many colors, provide us a quality file (300dpi) in color. For offset transfers, add a vector indicating the portion of the bitmap that will be printed. For more information, please consult our Technical constraints page.

9. Do I receive a preview before production?

Yes, you will receive a virtual preview via email prior to production. It will be for the most part the same as your file provided. However we may be required to tweak your display according to the technical conditions.

10. I have several orders, are they sent toghether?

Sure. Please select the same transporter for alls orders. All orders that have the same production date will be sent togheter, so you just have one shipping to pay.

11. What is blockout?

Blockout is a special basic coat to avoid migration of colors. This is necessary for dark sublimied polyester (does not work on softshells) but is useless for cotton fabrics.

12. How can I make an express order?

You just need to set an earlier date of production when ordering.


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